by Chance | ~9 Pages | 2020

"A dark growth is spreading across the land, draining all it touches of life. Taimi is alone and on the run. She can do little to fight back against the all-consuming wave. This comic is about a small moment in this dire setting."

Made over the span of two months in late 2020.
This comic was meant to be a way to hone my skills and get experience making comics before moving onto more ambitious projects.

Special thanks to Karim and my Mom, who offered a lot of guidance over the course of this comic's development.

Concept Art:

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The last page was cut mainly because this comic took several months to make, I was having massive issues with the last section. Mainly with the faces and dialogue.
I wasn't really enjoying working on the comic at the time either so I just ended up tragically calling it quits.

I still feel like the comic is fine as it is without the 4th page, and equally leaves Taimi adrift. Though you don't quite get to see Taimi's resolve of character without the extra cut dialogue.